Maple Bar Crawl

Categories: Calabasas

Another successful impromptu event at Pedalers Fork! We’re not shy about our love for maple syrup so when Ted King asked us if we could make some maple bars and go on a bike ride with him, there was only one correct answer. We expected 10 people and got about 70, I guess word spreads fast when you offer people free donuts.

The harsh Los Angeles winter didn’t ¬†disappoint us, conditions were perfect. A brisk morning turned into 70 degrees and sunny with clear striking ocean views. We paraded through the Farmers Market and made our way onto Mulholland. Some people in the group missed the memo about the crawl aspect of the ride, and instead proceeded with attempts to rip eachother’s legs off.

There was a chilly regroup at the top of Rock Store followed by a beautiful and windy descent down Latigo. There we were greeted by the true MVPs having driven a truck full of donuts straight from the kitchen at Pedalers Fork to our hungry mouths.

Some of us continued on the original planned route up to Encinal and back to the restaurant while others cut directly back possibly due to overeating donuts (my excuse).

We’d like to make a big thanks to the cycling community in Los Angeles for coming out and joining. We’d also like to thank Untapped Maple and Ted King for the genius idea, we will see you all next year!

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